Robbie-Ann McPherson
Marketing & Communications Manager
716-856-6525 x 125


Robbie-Ann is a former television reporter and public relations professional with more than twenty-five years experience in journalism, community relations, public relations, media training, marketing and corporate communications. She is a freelance writer for the Buffalo News, where she has published more than 200 features and entertainment articles since 1990. 
Prior to joining the ECIDA in 2014 Robbie-Ann also served as the corporate communications manager for a $100 million nonprofit housing lender in Los Angeles, California, and as Director of Communications and Intergovernmental Relations for the City of Buffalo Comptroller. She holds a B.A. Degree from Buffalo State College in Broadcast Journalism.
A lifelong writer in her spare time, Robbie-Ann published her first novel "Taking Liberty" in 2018, through Estep & Fitzgerald Books.


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