Project Benefits Estimator

The ECIDA provides expansion incentives that reduce taxes for any size eligible company. This Benefits Estimator shows the savings for a specific project. Fill in the project size and choose any Erie County location. Click the calculate button. The Estimator will calculate your benefits. It will show your savings and the ECIDA fees. Run the calculator for as many scenarios as you like.

Note that benefits shown are estimated. Actual benefits will vary depending on assessment of property and future tax rates. In limited cases, ten year benefits will apply. Agencies in Amherst, Clarence, Concord, Hamburg, and Lancaster deliver the same benefits. 

For assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Project Benefits Quiz

School District *
Construction Budget *
Project Type *
Conventional Construction
Major Rehabilitation
Erect Prefab
Venture and/or Multi-tenant Facility
Equipment Purchases, non-production *
Mortgage Amount
Jobs created as a result of project
Jobs retained as a result of project
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