Mind Body Flow Yoga


You've done the research, put together a great business plan and your funding is in place. But will customers be beating a path to your door? A key and often overlooked component of starting a new business is your marketing plan.

Enter entrepreneur Marina Mukandala! Marina's marketing efforts started long before the opening of her business, Mind Body Flow Yoga at 9390 Transit Rd, East Amherst, this past March. "A month before we opened our doors, I visited local businesses asking if I could leave behind grand-opening pamphlets, we put flyers in residential mailboxes within surrounding neighborhoods - I needed to get the word out." And her efforts paid off. Over 100 potential customers came to her grand-opening event. With her studio now open, Marina, an ECIDA loan customer, continues to explore various marketing channels. Recently, Marina teamed up with a local yoga apparel retailer. Together they are building upon their business synergies with joint events and advertising. She is also using social media and is excited about the results: over 200 people redeemed daily deals for a heated vinyasa flow yoga class with many becoming repeat customers. Good luck Marina - we applaud your efforts!

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