Summer interning at the ECIDA!

As the end of the spring semester closes and summer begins; students from all different Universities have one goal; to obtain a summer internship. Two lucky graduates were given the opportunity to intern at the ECIDA this summer. 
Chris Snyder is an intern with the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC); a not-for-profit organization that shares office space, and works closely with the ECIDA. Chris recently graduated from the University at Buffalo receiving a B.A. in Environmental Design. A normal day of work for Chris consists of various responsibilities, but he is chiefly responsible for filing the Shovel Ready certification applications for the Riverbend and Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park (BLCP) Development projects through Empire State Development. As Chris reflects on the classroom versus the office he says, "It's amazing to experience planning outside of the classroom. In many ways the creative process in a professional environment is exactly the same as what we do in the classroom, but when I'm in the office, well that's a completely different environment. I am still learning how to bridge the gap between theory and practice". Chris will be returning to the University at Buffalo in the fall to start work on his Masters in Urban Planning. 
Angela Gambacorta is the marketing intern here at the ECIDA. Angela recently graduated from Canisius College receiving a B.S. in Marketing and Management. For Angela, a normal day of work consists of an assortment of responsibilities. With the ECIDA undergoing rebranding, Angela's core responsibility is to aid with whatever aspect of the process needs attention. As Angela reflects on her time here at the ECIDA she says, "Having the opportunity to intern here this summer has been amazing. I have learned so much from so many different people that I would never take back this awesome experience". Angela will not be returning to work on her Masters just yet; she wants to work to gain experience to then apply that to school.
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