World Trade Center Niagara's World Trade Celebration Event May 20, 2015


Optional Lunch Program with break-out sessions on local sustainability efforts. Topics include: Supply Chain Management, Resource Management, Water and Energy and Creating a Sustainability Plan.

 Keynote Speakers:
William L. Thomas, Global Head Technology and Services Sustainability, HSBC Bank Plc
Art Ghose, CEO, Curbell, Inc.


 Additional Program Speakers:
Patricia Donohue, Sustainable Supply Chain Program Manager, New York State Pollution Prevention Pollution Institute
Deborah Gondek, Director of Sustainability, Rich Products Corporation
Kim Jackson, Director of Engineering, Koike Aronson Inc.
Michael Jackson, Distribution Supervisor, Big Heart Pet Brands
Jim Manno, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Sonwil Distribution Center Inc. 
Ryan McPherson, Chief Sustainability Officer, State University of New York at Buffalo
Mark Shriver, Director of Safety and Environmental Affairs, Curbell, Inc.

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