Business Resources

Start Up Resources

Invest Buffalo Niagara provides attraction and site selection help for businesses looking to locate in Western New York.

Entrepreneur's Resource List

Are you starting a business? Are you interested in learning where you can get help? Download our handy Entrepreneur's Resource List identifying where you can find help in areas such as training, research, mentoring and networking.

Erie County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Erie County Comprehensive Economic Develompent Strategy (CEDS) is an extraction and combining of the primary findings and strategic directives of several recent planning studies and reports undertaken by County and City government, economic development organizations and area institutions.

Helpful Links

Want to know more about local, state and federal government agencies? Find the answers through this list of links that will take you to these agencies websites.

Doing Business in Erie County

Information about Permits, Certificates, the Office of Economic Development and other links

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