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Press Release: ECIDA Board approves Pay Equity policy

Downloan PDF version here. 

ECIDA Board approves new policy on pay equity for incentive applicants

Applicants must be free of negative findings or incentives could be denied or recaptured


Buffalo, NY— The Erie County Industrial Development Agency's Board of Directors approved a new policy outlining pay equality requirements for incentive applicants.

The policy requires that an applicant currently comply with all equal pay laws, and certify they have not been the subject of an adverse finding under equal pay laws within the previous five years, and may subject an applicant to a random audit.

The policy, which is the first of its kind for any IDA in New York State, also requires the disclosure of any pending equal pay claims against the company, both before and during the term of the incentive agreement.

Violation may trigger a recapture and/or termination of benefits.

Compliance and monitoring oversight will be through the Erie County Division of Equal Opportunity, which will have the discretion to conduct random desk audits of payroll information. 


The ECIDA Board also approved a modification of an earlier incentive package granted to Orchard Heights in July of 2014.  The developer downsized the project considerably, which qualified for a reduced incentive package.

Orchard Heights, Inc. was approved for $741,672 in sales tax savings, $187,000 in a one-time elimination of the mortgage recording fee, and $1,540,000 in property tax savings over a seven-year period.

The project's total costs went from the original projection in 2014 of $28,600,000 to $18,700,000, but the job impact remained the same: 18 new jobs, and 49 full-time and 53 part time jobs retained. 


The Erie County Industrial Development Agency is an independent, public benefit corporation 
sanctioned by the State of New York to offer tax incentives to qualified businesses, and is dedicated to furthering economic development, adaptive reuse of qualified properties, job creation and ensuring a thriving business environment in Erie County. The staff of the ECIDA are not employees of the City of Buffalo, the County of Erie, or the State of New York. The ECIDA does not receive operating funds from taxpayer revenues. The ECIDA receives its operating funds by collecting fees from businesses that enter into contracts with the Agency, from investments, and from loan fees. 
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