ECIDA Programs and Services

The ECIDA offers much more than just tax reductions on developments. ECIDA 's wide range of financial products include small business micro loans, development assistance, Foreign Trade Zone designation, complex collaborative finance deals, and not-for-profit assistance.  Call the ECIDA Business Development offices at (716) 856-6525 to find out if your business meets the basic qualifications, and to begin the application process.

Financial Lending Services

Whether in partnership with private lenders or directly from the ECIDA, we help businesses get the low-cost loans they need to expand or update to remain competitive. Venture Capital funding and Manufacturing Incentives to encourage job creation and retention in Erie County are also available to qualified businesses.

Tax Incentives

ECIDA has incentive programs that reduce taxes and improve the bottom line reducing expansion costs up to 15% for eligible targeted companies.

International Programs

If you are a business dealing with international customers or vendors, the ECIDA may be able to help you reduce your cost of importing and exporting materials if you qualify for Foreign Trade Zone designation.

Development Services

ECIDA provides professional, financial and technical expertise for site, transportation logistics and infrastructure development.

Adaptive Reuse Strategy

In 2008, to encourage development of abandoned or long-standing empty structures, and to spur economic development in neighborhoods where empty, run down buildings discourage other businesses to locate nearby, the ECIDA adopted a new policy called "Adaptive Reuse Strategy." This policy allows the ECIDA to offer tax incentives for rehabilitating buildings that have been empty for three years or more and are at least 20 years old.

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