Due to Executive Orders issued by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo addressing the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, the ECIDA is currently unable to accommodate any in-person public attendance at our hearings. Nonetheless, and in furtherance of the provisions of Section 859-a of the NYS General Municipal Law requiring interested parties be provided a reasonable opportunity, both orally and in writing, to present their views with respect to the Project, and pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 220.15 issued on April 9, 2020 authorizing the conduct of public hearings through use of telephone conference, video conference and/or other similar service – please note the following:

The Agency will broadcast audio of Public Hearings live online at . The ECIDA will also provide special public access to make oral comments during the Public Hearing via conference call software. Directions for making oral comments can be found below.  Directions for submitting written comments can also be found below.

Oral Comments:

Pre-registration is required for all persons wishing to make oral comments at a public hearing.

To pre -register, please check the “oral comment” option and complete the information below. Please note the registration deadline for oral comments may vary for each meeting. The pre-registration deadline for oral comments is noted within the individual public hearing event details on our calendar - which can be found here  : View All Events

A confirmation email will be emailed to you with conference call instructions. Comments made during the Hearing should be kept under 5 minutes.

Written Comments:

To be included in the public record, written comments must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the ECIDA Board of Directors meeting

To submit written comments, please check the “written comment” option, complete the information below, and include your written comment in the Comment field. Written comments can also be submitted by mail to the following address:



attn: [Project Name] PUBLIC COMMENTS,

95 Perry Street, Ste. 403, Buffalo NY 14203


If you have any questions regarding written or oral public comments, please call (716) 856-6525, ext. 0.



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